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Zenesis finger bit

Zenesis finger bit (4 and 7 segments) ensure the highest quality when processing natural stones on CNC machines. They have been adapted for quick cutting in various planes. Thanks to the appropriate exposure of diamonds, they guarantee long-lasting operation.


4-segment cutter


  •  Diameter: 20 mm
  •  Thickness: 4.0 m
  •  Length: 40 mm
  •  Mount: 1/2" GAS
  •  Soft materials (marble)


7-segment cutter


  • Diameter: 22 mm
  •  Thickness: 4.0 m
  •  Length: 50 mm
  •  Mount: 1/2" GAS
  •  Hard materials (granite, quartzite)

Zenesis finger bit

VAT Included

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