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Zenesis technologyis an innovative production method based on the regular arrangement of selected diamonds in segments of diamond tools. This results in improved work efficiency and significant optimization of processing capacity, thus significantly reducing the costs of total stone processing.

Why Zenesis?

  • Positioned diamond in the segments of the Zenesis blades ensures even wear of the working part to the very end.

  • High speed tolerance and accelerated feed significantly shortens the time of complete machining of the heaviest materials.

  • High-quality segmentguarantees precise, almost laser cutting of the stone, which results in no need to further improve the processed material, which translates into significant savings of time, water and financial resources.

  • Silenced shield discs ensure high comfort of work.

  • Repeatability of the produced models, guaranteed by the world leader in the production of diamond tools.

  • Large selection and variety of models, Zenesis brand, allows you to choose the right tools for cutting various types of material, such as: granite, marble, natural quartzite.

About us

We are a direct importer and distributor of professional diamond tools for stone processing, in particular granite, marble and quartzite. We have an official certificate entitling us to distribute Zenesis products on the stone market.

For over 15 years, our fundamental goal has been to achieve the highest satisfaction among the most demanding customers by providing premium products. The activity of Top Diamond Tools is based on an individual approach to contractors, as evidenced by attractive offers tailored to the needs of customers.

Official Certificate 

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