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Polishing pads

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At Zenesis Stone , we understand how important it is to strive for perfection in the processing of natural stone and quartz sinters. That's why we offer a wide range of polishing hooks that meet the highest quality and efficiency standards in the industry. We select products with professionals in mind who are looking for tools with the best technical parameters currently available on the market, but at the same time do not want to overpay. That is why we have prepared a very extensive assortment, which includes ceramic, copper and diamond dry and wet polishing pads with various granulation. All solutions come from the renowned Korean brand Zenesis . Be sure to check out the full offer!

An extensive range of polishing velcro for stone and quartz sinters

These products enable precise and gradual surface polishing , which is invaluable when working with hard materials such as granite or marble, where every detail is important. For demanding users, we recommend our wet copper and ceramic burrs, which are designed to withstand constant contact with water and provide long-lasting effectiveness when polishing less scratch-resistant natural stones . It is also worth emphasizing that we also offer flexible, rubber grips for polishing Velcro , which not only ensure stability, but also increase the accuracy of each polishing pass. These types of accessories fit all dry and wet polishing straps available, which allows you to easily replace and adapt the tool to the specific needs of your project.

We select dry and wet Velcro depending on the application

Zenesis Stone specialists are always willing to provide you with professional advice on selecting the right products. Whether you need wet copper burrs , ideal for delicate polishing of details, or you are looking for solutions for working on larger surfaces, our team will help you choose the tools that best suit your needs. We encourage you to read the descriptions of all ceramic, diamond or copper products you are interested in - they contain useful information about available granulation variants and diameters, as well as recommended applications. If you have additional questions or need technical advice with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email . Our experts are here to help you choose dry or wet stone polishing pads or comfortable handles tailored to your needs.

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