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Diamond blades
for angle grinders

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We present a wide selection of products that are perfect for working with particularly hard materials. They are available in this categorygranite discs 66 mm - 230 mm in several versions. The most popular variants of diamond tools are: 125 mm and 230 mm with a flange with an M14 mounting or a 22.2 mm hole. Individual units are equipped with facilities that increase work comfort and the efficiency of manual stone processing and cutting. In this regard, a special cooling disk or an additional tooth can be indicated.

Details about the construction can be checked by clicking on the selected model - next to each of them there is a technical specification including the most important information. Product characteristics include segment height, disk type, and diameter. This allows you to choosediamond cutting discs for granite 66 mm - 230 mm meeting all expectations and technical requirements. This will make manual processing of hard stones comfortable and effective.


A wide range of granite cutting tools


Selected models are designed for dry or wet operation, and thanks to their specially developed design, a precise effect can be achieved. It is also worth taking into account the excellent technical parameters of the tools, which contribute to a longer service life. The combination of these advantages makesdiamond discs for granite 66 mm - 230 mm from our offer is the best choice when it comes to manual stone processing and cutting.


Specialized discs for cutting granite - Zenesis Top Diamond Tools


The availability of articles with various technical parameters and diameters allows you to easily select tools tailored to your personal needs and the specific nature of your work. However, if any doubts arise regarding the purchasediamond disc for cutting granite 66 mm - 230 mm, we provide professional advice. We want to make sure that our customers get the best accessories for manual material processing.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of this categoryZenesis Top Diamond Tools. We provide several variants and the ability to choose the diameter of stone cutting accessories such as:disc diameter 66 mm, 85 mm, 106 mm, 115 mm, 125 mm, 180 mm, 230 mm. Thanks to this, you can order diamond tools for manual processing of granite, which respond to specific technical needs.

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