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Tarcze do kwarcytu i dektonu

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The solid construction is made of extremely durable materials, making tools from this category suitable for processing hard materials. It is worth remembering thatdiamond discs for quartzite and dekton are available in our offer in several variants. Here you can choose a model in a specific size, such as:125 mm, 400 mm or 500 mm, which, thanks to appropriately selected construction details, will ensure a precise cutting effect without fear of losing aesthetic values. All diamond tools include information on technical parameters and recommended uses. ChosenDectone and quartzite shields can also be used for other materials, such as hard ceramics or stoneware.


Tool accessories for special tasks - diamond discs


The design of each product is made of high-quality materials and careful selection of details, such as the shape and arrangement of segments. Thanks to thisdiamond discs for quartzite and dekton 125 mm - 400 mm machining of brittle and hard materials is perfect. Using them for cutting stones guarantees a precise and aesthetic effect, which is why they are so popular in the stone industry.Zenesis Articles are products of South Korean production, which are distinguished by, among others, high degree of tolerance to fast rotation. Thanks to this, they can be used even for the most demanding tasks related to material processing.

Selected models can be used for dry or wet operation. Moreover, we proposediscs, diamond saws for dekton and quartzite 125 mm - 400 mm designed for cutting straight or at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows you to easily achieve the intended effect and guarantees high comfort of using the tools.


Excellent quality diamond discs for cutting stones


We attach great importance to providing our customers with reliable solutions for stonework. That's why our offer includes, above all:high-quality articles from the renowned Zenesis brand and was created based on our excellent knowledge of the industry. Thanks to this, choosingdiamond discs for dekton 125 mm - 400 mmandvariants for quartzite and other materials, you can be sure that it will be the best choice.

Please check the details available for each tool. Our employees will be happy to answer additional questions after telephone contact to help you choose the right products for cutting hard materials. Discover them all todayadvantages of diamond discs for dekton and quartzite from our offer.

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