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Zenesis Quartz

Zenesis Quartz is a professional disc for precise cutting of natural quartzite. This is a high-quality product that has been designed to provide users with extremely accurate and clean cuts. This disc is wear-resistant and ensures a long service life. Thanks to Zenesis Quartz, stonemasons can easily and precisely cut the most difficult materials, which allows them to quickly complete even the most complex projects.



  • Diameters of discs:420, 520 mm

  • Segment height: 20mm

  • Thickness:3.4mm

  • Hole diameter:60mm

  • Disk type:quiet

  • Way of work:wet

  • Country of origin:South Korea

Zenesis Quartz

1 250,00 złPrice
VAT Included
  • średnice 420, 520 mm
    wysokość segmentu 20 mm
    grubość dysku
    420 mm 3,4 mm
    520 mm 3,4 mm


    Otwór 60 mm
    Rodzaj dysku cichy
    Kraj pochodzenia

    Korea Południowa

  • średnica Obroty RPM Posuw
    400 mm 1800-2200 1,2-3 m/min
    500 mm 1600-2000 1,2-3 m/min


    Zalecany opad: 1 - 1,5 cm

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