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Synthetic wagons for granite

FICKERT diamond grinding wheels 140mm - a perfect tool for professional polishing of granite slabs! We offer high-quality FICKERT diamond grinding wheels with a length of 140 mm and an innovative plastic binder. These advanced tools are designed to work wet, making them ideal for polishing granite slabs. FICKERT grinding wheels are irreplaceable after preliminary processing with other, more aggressive tools, enabling the surface to be brought to a perfect shine. Our diamond grinding wheels are characterized not only by impressive efficiency, but also by a low price per 1 m2 of polished surface. Not only will you achieve excellent results, but you will also have an economical solution for your polishing projects.

Trust professionals and choose FICKERT 140mm diamond grinding wheels to achieve unrivaled polishing effects on granite slabs

Synthetic wagons for granite

VAT Included

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